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Kamigawa - Neon Dynasty

Roles :

Shading, Lighting, Rendering

Client :

Wizards of the Coast

Direction :

Unit Motion Design

Cinematic trailer

Our goal is to propel the spectator into the colorful futuristic world of Neon Dynasty with a graphic and dynamic motion design trailer that will introduce many aspects of this sci-fi universe that is totally new for Magic players.
To do so, we will focus on 3 pillars: 1. Illustrations / 2. Warped Merge / 3.Music
The combination of these three elements will plunge us into a visual and musical roller coaster that unveils the endless richness of this new universe and will give us the irrepressible urge to see and want more. 

Direction : Unit Motion Design

Client : Wizards of the Coast


Unit Motion Design :


Direction & Creative Direction : François-Côme du Boistesselin.

Concept art : Stijn Windig, Dirk Wachsmuth, Alexandre Ferra

Art director/Motion Designer : Timo Noack, Remi Loger, Olivier Carru, Sylvain Gaussens, Patrice Louise, Thibault Chapelain.

Modeling : Alphonso Prieto, Dirk Wachsmuth, Wojtek Piwowarczyk, Andrea Olovcic, Richie Mason, Andrei Le Mezek, Simon Gelos.

VFX : Sylvain Gaussens, Esteban Genre, Florian DKS.

Production : Jade Schiff.

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