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Neverwinter - Jewel of the North

Cinematic Trailer

Tribute to Dungeons & Dragons

Our goal is to tell the story of the quests and illustrate the evolution (level up) of our three heroes with a 3D motion design trailer in freeze time that is graphic, dynamic and epic all at once.

To do so, we will dive right into each of the hero’s magic powers, which contain floating dioramas of epic combat scenes.These mini-settings are inspired by the designs of Dungeons & Dragons codex covers and board games.

The compositions inspired by D&D illustrations, the overall design that brings board games to mind and the rich quality of the monsters and environments are all elements that will give this trailer a nostalgic yet modern feel that will appeal to connoisseurs, while encouraging new players to discover the intricate world and extraordinary adventures of Neverwinter.

Roles :

Shading, Lighting, Rendering

Client :

Perfect World

Direction :

Unit Motion Design


Client : Perfect World


Direction : Unit Motion Design

Creative Director : François-Côme du Boistesselin

Head of production : Jade Schiff


Art Direction : Timo Noack - François-Côme du Boistesselin

Concept Art : Pierre Loyvet - Stijn Windig - Sandra Duchiewicz
Modeling : Wojtek Piwowarczyk - Dirk Wachsmuth - Andrea Olovcic - Pejman Aghaei - Alfonso Gonso - Richie Mason
Rendering : Olivier Carru - Lois Ahmed - Timo Noack - Benjamin Rouyer - Florent Zunino
VFX : Charles Delaval - Arnaud dodane


Music : Maxime Hervé

Songwrtiter : Allyson Ezell

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