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Phyrexia - All will be one

Cinematic Trailer

The trailer illustrates the resistance of the heroes (planewalker) to the phyrexian invasion through a large freeze frame battle composition where dazzling white porcelain statues face hordes of creatures covered in phyrexian oil, source of extraterrestrial life, gradually swallowing up any hope of victory. This graphic confrontation ends with the imposing throne of Helesh Norn composed of thousands of statues of soldiers who perished in front of it.
To make this trailer we modeled more than 70 statues in HD including 10 with facial expression captures based on 3d scans made at scan engine.
The music was specially composed for the film, a blend of horror theme and sci fi synth, it really creates an anxiogene vibe.
Thanks to the enthusiasm of the Magic card player community, the video reached 3.5M views in a few hours and the trailer fulfilled its role as thousands of comments illustrate the fan hype for the first Elesh Norn appearance as a CG character.


Roles :

Shading, Lighting, Rendering

Client :

Wizards of the Coast

Direction :

Unit Motion Design

Client : Wizards of the Coast

Direction : Unit Motion Design

Head of production : Jade Schiff

Director & Creative Direction : François-Côme du Boistesselin

Concept Art : Jaime Martinez - Feng Weirui - Pavel Rtishchev
Art Director/Motion designer : Timo Noack - Rémi Loger

Modeling : Alfonso Gonso - Wojtek Piwowarczyk - Dirk Wachsmuth - Antonio Esparza 

Andrei Le Mézec - Lucas Lefort - Jordan Weisgerber - Thibault Chapelain 

Scan 3D : Scan engine

Setup/Rigging : Lucas Salamon
Animation : Myriam Rigonnaud

VFX : Estéban Genre-Jazelet - Enrique Garcia - Dimitri Besnard

Render : Timo Noack - Olivier Carru - Remi Loger - Lois Ahmed - Andrei Le Merzec

Music : Maxime Hervé.
SFX : YellowCab.

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